Debt Consolidation
Qualify for personal loans up to R150,000

What is a debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is when you consolidate all your debts into one. It is a way that you can manage your debts with ONE easy instalment and ONE administration fee, which could free up valuable disposable income. These loans are granted in accordance with the National Credit Act (NCA) guidelines to ensure that there is no reckless lending and that the loans are only paid out to those individuals that can afford the monthly instalment.

Benefits of consolidating debts

The loan repayments becomes easier to manage as you take out one loan to pay off several other debts. The benefit is that customers save money through fewer bank charges.
Typical loan costs can be reduced by as much as 20% per month through debt consolidation
Service fees, initiation fees and insurance charges are not duplicated, which represents quite a saving for customers. This means more money left at the end of the month or a quicker repayment of the total loan amount.

The criteria for Debt Consolidation loan

To apply, you will need clear credit references and a regular monthly income.
Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, but not older than 64 years old.
You will need proof of at least 6 months employment.
You will need a vlid South African green bar-coded ID book.
You will require a three-month bank statement, with three consecutive salaries reflecting.
Please supply your latest payslip.
Salary payments must be done electronically. Cash deposits, ATM deposits/ transfer, cellphone transfers are not accepted.
If you’re consolidating, a settlement quote is required from each of the institutions you have financial or retail accounts with.
Where possible, we can assist with obtaining these settlement quotes on your behalf.


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