Personal Finance
Qualify for personal loans up to R150,000 with 60 months to pay

Lifestyle Financial is a licensed Financial Services Provider. At Lifestyle Financial, market leaders in the procurement of Personal Finance, we are focused on servicing our customers and achieving their personal goals. We believe that with our enthusiasm, commitment, honesty and integrity, we provide you, our customer, with the best possible service in securing a loan suitable to your financial needs.

Personal Loans

Qualify for personal loans up to R150 000

Student Loans

Qualify for student loans up to R15 000

Micro Loans

Qualify for Micro Loans up to R15 000

Debt Consolidation

Qualify for Debt Consolidation loans up to R150 000

Payroll Loans

Qualify for Payroll Loans up to R150 000

Unsecured Loans

Qualify for Unsecured loans up to R15 000

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